You want to wash your car but can’t find the right nozzle or attachment. Pressure washer nozzles and attachments can be expensive, difficult to find and Pressure washer nozzles and attachments are expensive, but they’re also hard to find. It’s like a needle-in-a-haystack search in an endless sea of endless nozzles and attachments.

The industry standard is huge and bulky, which means it will not fit on your car’s nozzle every time. But don’t worry, Giraffetools brings you the most affordable and multiple types of nozzles so you can easily clean any object. I will share the nozzle’s benefits and features in the next section, so without wasting any time, let’s jump into the article to learn the magical advantages of this machine

Pressure washers have four different nozzles/tips that can be used for different cleaning purposes. This article will discuss two types of nozzles and their usage and benefits on various areas and objects.

0 Degree-Blasting Nozzle Benefits

1. Removes Rust And Oxidation From Metals

When it comes to metals, rust and oxidation can be a headache to get rid of. 0 Degree nozzle of pressure washer specialized in such applications because of its intense water pressure pointed at a very small area. Using a pressure washer with 0 Degree nozzle can help you eliminate rust and oxidation from steel and aluminum to bring back its fresh and cleaner look.

2. Helps In Cleaning Heavy-Duty Machinery

Heavy-duty machines and farm or lawn equipment are usually dirty because of their work field. You can use a pressure washer with a normal nozzle for cleaning, but it won’t do much to that stubborn dirt because of the amount and intensity of dirt. Using 0 Degree nozzle, you can easily remove stubborn dirt and caked-on mud from such equipment.

3. Easily Remove Stains From Hard Surfaces

Cleaning concrete surfaces like ramps, garages, or even roads is next to impossible, but a pressure washer with 0 Degree nozzle can make it possible. Stubborn stains like glue, tar, engine oil, grease, etc., can be easily removed.

4. Easily Clean Overhead Areas

With the help of a 0-degree nozzle pressure washer with its excellent range, you can easily clean the areas which are difficult to reach for everyone. The overhead areas which can be cleaned through a pressure washer include closed balconies, shades, rooftops, etc.

15 Degree-Stripping Nozzles Benefits

1. Helps In Paint Stains Removal

With the help of a 15 Degree nozzle of a pressure washer, you can easily eliminate the paint stains from surfaces such as wood, metal, or even concrete. This nozzle can also be used for masonry cleaning.

2. Reduce Fungus Causing Problems On Surfaces

Homes with moisture management problems can cause fungus on different surfaces. The fungus can grow on different house surfaces, such as floors, wood, walls, or ceilings. With the help of 15 Degree nozzle, you clean different surfaces containing hard mildew stains.

3. Powerful Tool In Cleaning Boats

When it comes to shipping industries and oceanic infrastructure, marine growth is a big headache to get rid of because it causes problems in its functioning. Using 15 Degree nozzle, you can easily get rid of marine growth.

4. Remove Grease And Dirt From Hard To Clean Objects

Dirty and greasy equipment is extremely hard to clean. Even after a lot of effort, you can’t fully remove grease, but with the help of 15 Degree nozzle, you effortlessly clean such equipment and make it look fresh.


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