There are oftentimes slight misconceptions in the use of terms when it comes to analyzing the different varieties of vape kits. These misconceptions are however forgivable as some of these kits actually look alike due to their portability. Two of such similar devices are the vape pod and the vape pen. Although there are a few visible alterations to the pod in comparison to the pen and even newer versions are now available on top sites like

This article is written for the sake of beginners in the vaping world and individuals who wish to learn more about vape kits, Here is a comparison list between vape pods and vape pens. So, read on!

Most Convenient

There’s no debate whatsoever that vape pens are the most convenient. Their small sizes and shape likened to real writing pens give them room to be moved around easily. They are also very portable for trips, anonymous carriages and handovers. Mostly designed to be disposable, they come power charged, ready to use anywhere and shorter cartridge life.

Most Durable

Vape pods come out on top over vape pens in their durability range. Pods make use of bigger cartridges which are easily replaceable on the same device. Their batteries are also powerful and boast a high longevity period. Hence while vape pens are built much smaller to provide a great deal of convenience, vape pods are long lasting options.


We can’t undermine the simple nature of either of these kits. They both come ready to use, so there’s no need to set up coils or wicks. However the vape pens take the lead in this category due to the limited battery life of the pods. The pods have larger rechargeable batteries which run down faster than those of the vape pens. In fact, users of vape pen kits are usually not concerned about battery issues till the cartridge is emptied.

Cost Effective

The cost of an item is a great determinant of that item’s value and market demand. Vape pens are more economical in nature when compared to vape pods. A user could find a vape pen for sale at the rate of $3- $5 and a vape pod could be selling for $10 – $25. However, these price ranges also depend on the brand, the flavor, the features and upgrades. Hence user’s preference eventually comes to play here and they would have to choose the kit convenient for them.


Vape pods are different in shape and known to be broader. They have a pod system that can be refilled and in comparison to the vape pens, they are quite heavier. Vape pens just come with their inbuilt atomizer, a battery and mouthpiece for puffing. A comparison checklist has been outlined in this article and for each listed, there’s something different to look out for. Both kits are not so different in features, but even in their similarities, users can easily identify one from the other.


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