Regarding trademarks of fashion and style, cateye frames are the flag bearers. Audrey Hepburn was the first to introduce them in the movie “Breakfast in Tiffany” in the 50s. Since celebs have a huge fan following and are trendsetters, cat eye glasses became a fashion sensation overnight.

How Do Cat Eye Frames Look?

Cat-eye frames are thick-rimmed, with an upsweep on the outer edges and curved lenses. The rims and arms are attached to the edges’ extreme points on the back. They are available in various colors to complement multiple dresses and enhance the look.

Cat-eye glasses are worth considering. People who experience eyesight problems require frames that help overcome their ailment and make them look good. This concept glamorizes your look and persona besides treatment when furnished with cat-eye frames.

What face shape best suits cat eye glasses?

Glasses are now worn more for a classy and beautifying look as a prescription and non-prescription accessory. This blog post details the best face shapes for cat-eye glasses.

Round Face

Round faces are considered the epitome of innocence, beauty, and grace. When adorned with cat-eye frames, they kill it. Cat-eye eyeglasses pair perfectly with round faces. People with a round face, chubby cheeks, broad jawline, and a round, composed chin should blindly select cat-eye frames when choosing one.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face and are on an eyeglasses hunt, you are fortunate to have come across this blog. We know cat-eye frames were fancying you, so the good news is those eyeglasses go flawlessly with oval faces.

Since oval faces are round in the forehead and chin, they are balanced when the particular angles of cat-eye frames enhance your wonderful features.

Get them in any color, with many added features like glitters and more to glamourize your look.

Square-Shaped Face

These eyeglasses look wonderful on square-shaped faces; the reason is square-shaped faces are broader overall. The cat-eye frames add an enhancing factor to the face. These glasses make the appearance confident, sharp, and unique.

Heart-Shaped Face

The good news for people with heart-shaped faces is that cat-eye eyeglasses could make them charming. Since the heart-shaped face is usually broader in the forehead and narrows down into a pointed chin, cat-eye frames can increase their grace. Various versions of these glasses are available, which, if wisely selected, can add an alluring effect to heart-shaped faces.


Cat-eye eyeglasses best suit broader faces. These are the best options for such faces as they technically help them look thinner and slimmer. You can impress people with your distinctive look by wearing cat-eye frames. Cat-eye frames will be a great pick if you have a round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face! Acquire a charismatic look and let people swoon.


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