There is nothing like a stylish bag you can use for any season or event and still have a fashionable moment. Many trendy bags have hit the market, each with its unique individual style and period, and some of those trends still remain years after their market release. The latest tote bags trend caters to a large part of the fashion industry and has caused the rise of an old bag trend as part of the y2k fashion. An iridescent bag was and still is one of the most creative fashion bags that is taking over the current tote bags fashion trend.

The best thing about iridescent bags is each brand has a unique design that looks nothing like the other. It is an all-purpose bag you can use for most occasions and still fashionably stand out in the crowd. The luminous and rainbow colors are the best stylish accessory to complement any look. Hologram bags are not just a trend that will pass like others. It’s been around for several years and will be for a long time. Investing in an iridescent bag will be great for current and future use to produce iconic fashionable moments.

Iridescent Bags to Get

1. Geometric Luminous LoveKook Bag

This bag is laced with a creative geometric lattice design and comes in three different types. You can get a handbag, backpack, or small purse big enough to carry your daily things. The color of this bag changes with the lighting and can suit any occasion since it complements every look.

2. The Wee Bands Tote Bag

It is a clear holographic bag that reflects different colors. The tote bag has the brand logo on the front and is big enough to fit everyday essentials. This bag is easy to clean and consists of highly durable material.

3. Abstract Rainbow Holographic Bag

This bag comprises 100% polyester shell material with a colorful abstract rainbow gradient. It has very bright colors and is available in three colors. You can customize it with writing when ordering to fit your type of fashion.

4. Alexander McQueen Iridescent Bag

This designer handbag has an elegant and simple look with a gold chain to accessorize the bag. It has a transparent exterior with blue and orange luminous colors that blend elegantly well with each other. Additionally, there is clear crystal-like jewelry that fully completes the designer handbag.

5. The Glitched Circular Hologram Tote Bag

The bag has an illusioned metal blackhole with a shiny swirling on the sides. It is one of the unique designer bags with additional black shoulder straps. This bag is available in three sizes and is memorable for any occasion.

6. Keepall Bandouliere Louis Vuitton Handbag

This bag is one of Virgil Abloh’s top-selling collections. It has a clear iridescent look coated with pink canvas and an adjustable strap with a chain-like look.


The Iridescent bags trend is something you don’t want to miss out on. In addition to being durable and fitting for any occasion, they have a stylish and unique look you need to complement your different looks. It is a bag worth investing in to bring out your inner fashionista.


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