Most people don’t think of the windshield of a car when buying a vehicle. We may check performance, seats, and other stuff, but windshield is usually last on our minds. However, windscreens have the most important part in keeping you and your family safe in case of an accident and otherwise as well.

Though windshields are very expensive but a strong high-quality windshield is a great option for safety purposes. If you have broken your windshield recently, you can get it repaired or buy a new one from wholesale car windshields manufacturer. As they come at very cheap prices but ensure quality standards. Keep reading to know why you must make sure that your car has a strong windshield.

Why Your Car Must Have A Strong Windshield?

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages having a strong and high-quality windshield which are as follows:

Acts As a Protective Shield

As the name suggests, the windshield is a shield or a barrier between people in the car and the world outside. It protects you from insects, wind, noise, bugs, rain, and more. It is due to the windshield that you can drive without a worry of objects hitting in your face from the outside.

It Helps In Airbag Development

The windshield doesn’t just act as a shield from the outside traffic and stuff. It is actually built to keep you safe during accidents. The base of the windshield is connected to the airbag system in the car such that the windshield absorbs the pressure during an accident and allows the airbag to open in front of the passenger.

This is why you should always check for cracks and damages in the windshield as it can literally be the difference between life and death in certain situations. A strong and undamaged windscreen is the reason the airbags can inflate at the right moment.

Gives You a Clear View

Having a clear view of what is ahead of you and in other directions is extremely important while driving a car to minimize accidents. The windshield provides this clear and unbothered view to you so you can drive safely.

This is why you should always make sure that the wipers are working so you can clean up the windscreen in case of rain or if it gets stained.

Flexible Glass Sandwich Protects During Accidents

The glass used on the windscreen does not come in a single layer of glass. Laminated glass or safety glass is used to build your windshields. The windscreen has two panes of safety glass sandwiching polyvinyl butyral in between. They are all fastened together to form the complete windscreen.

During an accident, the windshield mostly remains attached due to a foil in the base and also protects the passenger from flying out of the car due to impact. It also ensures nothing dangerous hits the passenger during the accident. The screen itself breaks in small pieces and in such a way that does not harm the passengers.

Protection against UV rays

Besides helping with airbags and keeping you safe during the accident, the windshield also protects you from UV rays. The UV rays are harmful to us. Most people don’t know about this characteristic of the screen. The windshield also keeps the hot car cool during hot days.


The windshield is certainly an integral cog in your car. It not only helps keep the debris, dirt, water, noise, and other stuff outside, but it helps keep you safe. The windshield is especially designed to break in a way to protect the passenger.

Considering the immense uses of windshield, make sure to get it repaired as soon as you find the cracks and the damages. A strong windshield will keep you safe.


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