For many people today, quality massage is a luxury they never have the time and money to experience. Yet, massage therapy has been proven to have numerous health benefits, especially when done regularly. In today’s world of accumulated stress, everyone should have the opportunity to have a good massage experience.

A hydro massage bed is the perfect blend of quality, regular massages that can be done at any time and also an affordable massage option.

What is a hydro massage?

It is a hands-free massage technique where water is used to provide relief and comfort to areas of the body. It is often mistaken for hydrotherapy treatments but both are totally different. In hydrotherapy treatments, the body is immersed in water. In hydro massage therapy, water is injected through a bed or lounge to specific areas of the body. A hydro massage bed is frequently used by top sport’s athletes as a muscle recovery technique.

Benefits of using a hydro massage bed

Although this massage technique is relatively new to many people, it is an ancient massage therapy that has only been improved upon with technology. It has survived this long because of the numerous benefits it gives to the body. Below are some of the benefits of using a hydro massage bed.

Relieve pains and aches

As we move about in our day-to-day activities, we often have built-up tension in certain muscle areas around the body. These areas include the lower back and neck. Since hydro massage beds have the ability to target specific muscle areas, they help ease the tension in these muscle areas, thereby relieving them of aches and pains.

Reduce muscle tension and soreness

This is one reason why the equipment is popular in the athletic world. It helps reduce muscle soreness and tension after workouts or anaerobic exercises. By relieving the built-up tension, body muscles can quickly recover for another activity.

Improve blood circulation

Better blood circulation helps deliver oxygen to the muscles. This is another vital aspect of muscle recovering. Hydro massage therapy is known to help increase the body’s blood circulation.

Help to relax

Receiving water jets on the body while using a hydro massage bed gives the body an enhanced feeling of calm. This generally relaxes the body and puts it at ease. This is a similar effect of a standard massage, but with better results and hands-free.

Release body toxins

Hydro massages greatly stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. This is the system that helps promote the release of the by-products of cellular metabolism and other body toxins. This improves the immune system, skin, circulation, and the overall health of the body.


Humans have given and received massages all through our history. Although the benefits have remained the same, we have had to adapt and modify therapies to get the best results. The use of hydro massage beds may be relatively new but its benefits and ease of use is gaining momentum in the athletic world. Hydro massage is an excellent muscle recovery technique, so investing in a hydro massage bed is something all fitness enthusiasts should rightly consider.


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