Kuroo tetsurou is a positive character from the Japanese anime series Haikuull. It is also a manga character. Manga is a Japanese novel maker that introduces new comics and cartoon graphics. Generally, manga is a Japanese term that is used to describe comic graphics and TV cartoons. The kuroo tetsurou is a cool-minded guy, who can lead from the front in any situation. He does not get puzzled even in the worst situations and can lead in harsh circumstances. In this article, you can read all about his personality, character in the anime, skills, and abilities.

Some Basic information about Kuroo Tetsurou:

As we know that he is a Japanese anime character. He is basically a positive and mentally strong guy. He studies in the Nekoma high school, which is located in a very famous city of Japan, Tokyo. In the anime, he is shown as a student of third year. He loves to watch and play volleyball. He was also the captain of his school’s volleyball team. He used to play at the position of middle blocker. He was popular in the school by the name “Scheming captain”. There is also another positive character from the anime, who was Kuroo’s childhood friend. His name is Kenma. Kuroo used to visit Kenma’s house and often displayed his volleyball techniques and moves. Then Kenma also became interested in the volleyball game and Kuroo got him in the school’s volleyball team. Kuroo is shown to be 18 years old in the anime. And his date of birth is the 17th of November.

What are the physical looks and personality traits of Kuroo Tetsurou?

The physical looks and appearance of Kuroo are very nice and charming. He has a tall height of 187.7 cm. he has a very muscular and lean body, wide and strong shoulders, and powerful arms. His eyes are not so wide and thick. The color of the eyes in the anime is shown hazel. While in the manga, the eyes have grey color. He has black hair that often remains messy and spiky because of his bedhead. The right side of his forehead is always covered with hair and his right eye also gets partially covered.

Though Kuroo is a cool-minded and chill guy, who does not care about others’ behavior but he also has a negative point. He provokes others to do things for his own benefit. And for this, he often has rude and manipulative behavior with others. But when he realizes that he has crossed the limit line, he also apologizes for his misbehavior. He is an instinctive type of person and has a keen observation. He is a sensible type of person that everyone can rely on and a captain having strong leadership qualities who can immediately boost up the team morale.

The game awareness and skills:

Kuroo is a master in blocking and plays strongly in the middle position. He has very fine techniques and moves that can pressurize any team. He can also jump up to 330cm. He has learned these strong techniques over the years by practicing very hard with his close friend Kenma. Overall, he is a master guy of the school’s volleyball team.


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